Happy Birthday Robert De Niro…there will never be another<3

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roberto de niro.p 252

roberto de niro.2

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roberto de niro.p63cas

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Stock Photo

roberto de niro.p bo

roberto de niro.p kiss

roberto de niro.p 2010

roberto de niro.p 50210ss

roberto de niro.p talking

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roberto de niro.p end 2

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Fashion Friday: The art of Patrick Nagel

The brilliant career of Patrick Nagel, one of America’s most significant contemporary artists, ended in February 1984 with his death at the age of 38, but a rich legacy of paintings, drawings, graphics and sculpture remains. Ever since 1974, when his work first achieved prominence in Playboy magazine, the art of Patrick Nagel has been widely admired, exhibited and collected.

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nagel 52

nagel kki

nagel one




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nagel pop

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nagel end

Edvard Munch: Beyond The Scream

Edvard Munch520

Edvard Munch49302

Edvard Munch 1

Edvard Munch 10

Edvard Munch 36

Edvard Munch 50xss

Edvard Munch 82s5s5s

Edvard Munch sea

Edvard Munch 8555sss

Edvard Munch39390122

Edvard Munch 50ee

Edvard Munch 635s

Edvard Munch 524sss

Edvard Munch [aoroess

Edvard Munch 483

Edvard Munch 555ddd

Edvard Munch girls

Edvard Munch303022

Edvard Munch 74e

Edvard Munch-09877

Edvard Munch 85214d

Edvard Munch 2

Edvard Munch 00998d

Edvard Munch 52478

Edvard Munch 8544dd

Edvard Munch 52412

Edvard Munch the awssf

Edvard Munch 222

the scream


Edvard Munch studio sss

Fashion Friday: Fuck yeah… Molly Bair!!!!

molly bair.j red

molly bair.j 6

molly bair.j 5524ddw

molly bair.j 5422s

molly bair.j 5421dd

molly bair.j 5522

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molly bair.j 54287-9

molly bair.j 55884dd

molly bair.j alien


molly bair.j shoot s

molly bair.j klien

molly bair.j two

molly bair.j black

molly bair.j 52jac

molly bair.j 3

molly bair.j story

molly bair.j blbl

molly bair.j 741

molly bair.j 56662s447s

molly bair.j catz

molly bair.j nick

molly bair.j gloss

molly bair.j roid

molly bair.j glre

Molly Bair 225d


molly bair.j bloo