Monday Muse: Nicholas Rodney aka Nick Drake

nik 009

nik 934

nik 321280

nik 90

nik drake

nik pol

nik 39322

nick 9

nik 325

nik 993

nik 3922

nik 87

nick 3222


nik d chick

nick ddd

nik ends

Friday with Japanese Photographer Daido Moriyama

Moriyama’s photography has been influenced by Seiry? Inoue, Sh?mei T?matsu, William Klein, Andy Warhol,Eikoh Hosoe, the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima, the dramatist Sh?ji Terayama, and Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.

daido moriyama 2255447

daido moriyama nnmm

daido moriyama ddd3

daido moriyama 546d

daido moriyama one

daido moriyama 524569

daido moriyama art

daido moriyama titles

daido moriyama one 1

daido moriyama 585d

daido moriyama oro3


daido moriyama 569d

daido moriyama tq

daido moriyama

daido moriyamad66dd

daido moriyama 2225ddds

daido moriyama 55dik

daido moriyama 2

daido moriyama 558dfda

daido moriyama crow

daido moriyama 8492

daido moriyamaddd

daido moriyama 99

daido moriyama 5694dw

daido moriyama 5d6d

daido moriyama 587s

daido moriyama 252ssw

daido moriyama 5588d

daido moriyama 5487d

daido moriyama 5899d

daido moriyama 5555f2ew

daido moriyama self

daido moriyama end

Monday Muse:Swiss Painter Paul Klee-Movements:Expressionism, Bauhaus

Klee was a musician for most of his life, often practicing the violin as a warm-up for painting. He naturally saw analogies between music and visual art, such as in the transient nature of musical performance and the time-based processes of painting, or in the expressive power of color as being akin to that of musical sonority. In his lectures at the Bauhaus, Klee even compared the visual rhythm in drawings to the structural, percussive rhythms of a musical composition by the master of counterpoint, Johann Sebastian Bach.

Paul klee 3

Paul Klee 665

paul klee

Paul Klee 5659

Paul Klee 9699s

Paul Klee 0302

Paul Klee 55588

Paul Klee 569

Paul Klee 825

Paul Klee him

Paul Klee 696s

Paul Klee 69658-08

Paul Klee 85259

Paul Klee 323232

Paul Klee5588

Paul Klee him pup

Paul Klee 8855

Paul Klee bb

Paul Klee 2584d

Paul Klee3

Paul Klee 696964

Paul Klee636

Paul Klee 8547d

Paul Klee 558874d

Paul Klee sfd

Paul Klee r44

Fashion Friday: Model Leah De Wavrin

Leah De Wavrin 0099

Leah de Wavrin 2

Leah de Wavrin 4

Leah De Wavrin celine

Leah De Wavrin 8547

Leah De Wavrin002322

Leah De Wavrin 5544

Leah De Wavrin 88774

Leah De Wavrin 58

Leah De Wavrin 7463

Leah De Wavrin 854744s

Leah De Wavrin514

Leah De Wavrin 8874

Style: "leahibiza"

Leah De Wavrin black

Leah de Wavrin 11

Leah De Wavrin 885


Leah De Wavrin 9033

Leah De Wavrin 854712

Leah de Wavrin1

Leah De Wavrin onene